Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old english game fowl


  1. Hi I'm the uncle of the owner of Sleepy Hollow Game Farm,the black rooster's name is Aiden he was a gift to my wife along with another chick who also turnd into a very impressive hen to see, at this time she and the hen pictured with the white rooster are sitting on eggs, he the white rooster is a sight to see himself, which were also given to us as a Christmas gift also by the owner, all of the birds are in great shape and healthy as you can see, they give us a supply of fresh eggs for cooking and eating along with the enjoyment of people stopping in just to see them, and we thank Sleepy Hollow Game Farm for sharing them with us,

  2. Rusty and Rita the second picture down are the mom and dad, one of the nices pair of birds you ever saw Aaron the guy in the picture bitting the hand of the guy that feeds him, is such a prick my wife spent all night helping him get out of his egg, who would have thought he would grow into such a man eater, I have to say though he sure grew into a beauty,